The Prairie Giant

About the job

  • The Delwood Spray Foam team had the pleasure and challenge of resurfacing the leaking roof of the Val Marie elevator. There were actually 4 separate roofs on this prairie giant. each one presenting a specific challenge. The highest roof was 95 ft from the ground. We cleaned off the gravel, cut and installed 3 drains, foamed and then coated with POLYSOURCE products (Roof Armour HD and Roof Armour Heat Shield)

Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan this one was extra special for me. Upon walking into the weigh scale section of the elevator the smell hit me like a ton of bricks. Grain dust and Douglas fir. Immediate memories as an 8 year old boy in the 3 ton grain truck with dad taking our bounty into the wheat pool. And if was well behaved that day , I even got a bag of chips or a pop from the elevator office vending machine!!! The memories were vivid and fond.

Fun facts from this job

  • Most grain elevators are constructed entirely of wood – Douglas Fir to be exact
  • The structure shrinks 3 inches when its full of grain- the outward pressure of the grain causes the shrinkage
  • The countless trips up and down to get tools and parts made me sore for days after
  • The man lift is fun and fast on the way down!!! – not so much on the way up!! lol
  • We stayed at the Convent Inn. An all original convent built in the 30’s in Val Marie. The convent sat empty for 20 plus years until the current owners revived the spectacular old brick building. All of the wood, trim , shelving, doors , floors and hardware were all original

Our Delwood Spray Foam team (Taron Bradley Friesen, Rob Bowman, Brendon Sherban) was honoured to be a small part of reviving one of our PRAIRIE GIANTS.

Very cool and memorable experience!

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