Two pound Closed Cell Medium Density spray foam is the most commonly used spray foam in residential and agricultural applications. Foam insulation offers a great solution to create a 100% uncompromised vapour barrier while also providing an R value range of 6 – 6.5 per applied inch. A closed cell system means that each foam cell acts and functions independently.

Delwood Spray Foam has recently partnered with BASF and is only applying their purple WALLTITE spray foam insulation. It is the most popular, widely recognized and best performing insulation foam on the market. It is even “Mike Holmes Approved”, and if Mike Holmes approves it who can argue with that!

Spray Foam Applications:

  • Garages, Shops, Quonsets, Pole Sheds
  • Basement walls – concrete or wood
    crawl spaces
  • Exterior wall and foundation insulation and vapour barrier
  • Exterior of concrete pony walls
  • Interior Sound Barriers: Interiour walls, theatre room, and floor joists
  • Rim joist insulation and vapour barrier
  • Underneath concrete on a heated floor
  • Barns (any type)
  • Sea Cans
  • Truss cavities and attic boarding


June 2018

Prairie Quonset

Breathing life into another prairie classic! We insulated this one with 3 inch closed cell foam insulation.

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